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Minerals Local Plan Issues and Options

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Minerals extraction is going to raise some very big planning issues in Nottinghamshire over the next 15-20 years. We therefore need to have an up to date Minerals Local Plan that will set out how much mineral we are likely to need, where it should worked and what sort of environmental standards should be in place.

Our current Minerals Local Plan is becoming out of date and we are now working on preparing a new plan to replace it. This will look ahead to 2030.

This consultation paper marks the first but very important public consultation stage in preparing a new plan. It sets out all the main issues that are expected to arise between now and 2030 and what reasonable options we think exist to meet them. As you will see in this paper there are plenty of issues to consider including the possibility of new minerals being worked, such as shale gas and industrial dolomite.

We want to know what you think as we have to try and strike the best balance between the wide range of local, environmental and commercial interests that mineral extraction proposals often affect.

I look forward to your response.

Image F1 Councillor Richard Butler
Cabinet Member for Environment and Sustainability

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